10 benefits of smart home to life

The future development prospects of smart home, smart home is a residential platform, both construction, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, intelligent hotel, set system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment. Smart home is based on the automation of home products, intelligent, through the network in accordance with the requirements of anthropomorphism and the realization of the future smart home and the present human can not be separated from the Internet is the same.

The actual meaning of smart home

Smart home, or smart home, is a residential platform, with building equipment, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, integrating system, structure, service and management as a highly efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment.

With the increasing popularity of home intelligence in the world, the smart home quietly entered the Chinese market at the end of the last century. In recent years, smart home has frequently appeared in major media, and has become a familiar term for a while. However, the common introduction of smart home in the media actually misleads people’s understanding of smart home and makes them unsure how to connect it with their own homes.

In fact, smart home, in short, is intelligent decoration, intelligent home life, and its application is what people do around them every day. For example, in the morning, the soft light and music will wake up your family from the dream; in the kitchen, the time controller has already “ordered” the microwave oven to heat up the breakfast; before going to work, you just need to press a key on the remote control, all the lights and appliances in your home will be turned off, and the security system will automatically enter the alert state; in the evening, when you leave work, you will be in the car, and you will be in the car.

In the evening, when you get off work, you can dial your home phone in the car and turn on the air conditioner in the living room and the water heater in the bathroom by remote control, so that you can enjoy a cool or warm and comfortable hot bath immediately when you get home; in the evening, you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movie in the home theater by pressing a button on the remote control according to the pre-set scene control function, and the curtain will be drawn slowly and the light will be adjusted to a soft brightness automatically. At the same time, the TV and DVD player will enter the playing state.

Second, the smart home brings 10 benefits to life

1、In the morning, when you are still sleeping, soft music will play slowly, the curtains of the bedroom will be opened automatically on time, and the warm sunlight will sprinkle into the room, calling you to start a new day. When you get up and wash up, the nutritious breakfast is ready, and after the meal, the sound system will turn off automatically to remind you to go to work quickly, and at night, the curtains will close automatically and the indoor lights will turn on automatically. When you and your family go out for a trip, you can set up a virtual scene of the master at home, so that thieves will not dare to make a move. All of this is done by the smart home to help you.

2、When you come home at night, it’s dark at home, you can’t see anything, you have to turn on the lights in the dark, for ladies who are afraid of the dark, it’s a very scary thing. Installed the smart home system, everything is solved. Through a small remote control, you can open the garage door, turn on the house lights, turn off the alarm, turn on all the lights and equipment that you want to open.

3, parents with children, do not want to be in the office, through the computer you can see the children at home. Smart home family remote monitoring subsystem can realize remote monitoring of the family through the Internet, real-time monitoring of the situation at home.

4、The old man is old, physical activity is not as good as before, always get up to switch on the lights, it is a bit strenuous. With smart home, no need to get up, sitting on the sofa, lying on the bed, no need to get up again, you can easily control all the lights and appliances in the home through the remote control. And, for the elderly who are deaf, you can also realize that the light flashes when a call comes to remind the phone.

5、Background music is a must for fashionable families. It is so leisurely to listen to music while doing housework or taking a bath. Intelligent home background music subsystem can realize background music at any time and anywhere arbitrary control, to create a warm, romantic atmosphere for the family.

6、Family burglary prevention is a concern for many families. The intelligent home burglary prevention system subsystem has functions such as indoor burglary prevention, robbery prevention, fire prevention, gas leakage prevention and emergency assistance.

7, the home remote control, there are TV, VCD, air conditioning, and audio, etc., the remote control, the trouble comes, sometimes do not know which one to use, sometimes want to use when you can not find. With a smart home, you don’t have to worry about too many remote controls, just use a remote control, you can control your home DVD, air conditioning, TV, stereo, etc. This remote control can not only control infrared appliances, but also control all the lights and appliances in the house, no longer need to run around to turn on and off the lights.

8、Think about turning on the lights one by one when you sleep, when you leave home, when you get up, and then turn them off one by one, and if you accidentally forget to turn off the lights, you have to trouble again. With the smart home, there is no longer these troubles, the smart home unique one-touch control, you can set a variety of modes, by pressing a button, you can turn on or off a series of lights or appliances, easy to realize the “meeting”, “dining”, “away from home”, “theater”, “night” and other modes, no longer need to switch on and off appliances one by one.

9, children’s self-restraint ability is poor, often watching TV, playing computer, do not want to sleep, with the smart home system, it is no longer a problem, through the electrical control, in the specified time to force off the children’s bedroom electrical appliances, let it sleep. Babies do not sleep at night, do not let the lights off, can also be restrained through the smart home, through the smart home light control, so that the lights slowly dimmed in the baby is not easy to notice, and gradually turned off. These controls can also play an effective restraining effect on adults.

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