Best Fairy lights

LED is a new light source that has developed rapidly in recent years. LED fairy lights have been widely used because of their small size, low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, low heat, environmental protection and other advantages.

With the development of LED technology, LED lights in more and more forms, and LED products in the LED copper wire string lights are not only used in Christmas and other festive decorations, and used in home decoration and urban lighting projects and a variety of entertainment venues. LED string lights and the traditional incandescent string lights have incomparable advantages: colorful, can achieve a variety of color changes, and effectively reduce the Energy consumption, the composition of the colorful color-changing string lights can not only play a lighting role, its decorative role is to make different programs and different occasions to add a festive atmosphere.

Among them, LED copper wire lights are wire diameter of about: 0.38-0.5MM without welding points,. Flexible degree of high, moderate bending, for any shape and not easy to break the LED coper wire string lights.

1. LED copper wire lights in the use of value mainly: low power consumption, high efficiency, long life, cold light source, can be lit for a long time, rich colors.

2. LED copper wire light product performance: easy to install, low maintenance rate, not fragile, high brightness, easy to bend, high temperature resistance, good waterproof, green, low temperature, energy saving, high security, light weight, small volume

3. LED copper wire light application range: can be DIY a variety of new and unique practical products, such as clothing, backpacks, shoes, gloves, jewelry (necklaces, garlands), bicycles, motorcycles and a variety of models glowing and shining up

Application scope

Municipal lighting of buildings, landscapes, environments, bridges, stadiums and airports.

-Indoor and outdoor lighting for schools, hospitals, ancient buildings, churches, and companies
-Background decoration for exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows
-Interior and exterior decoration of hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and spas
-Retail atmosphere decoration for shopping malls, store designs, displays, etc.
-Landscape decoration for floors, water features, fountains, swimming pools and spas

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