How To Pick The LED Lights For Your 4×4

How To Pick The LED Lights For Your 4×4

There are many factors to consider when looking for the best 4×4 driving light option.
Driving lights are generally divided into two light modes: spotlight and the other is floodlight to provide lighting where you actually need it.
In order to be most effective when using driving lights, your driving lights can be matched in many ways, such as as a matching pair (two floodlights or two spotlights) or a combination (one spotlight and one floodlight).
What Types of 4×4 Lights do you need? As we mentioned before, the driving light mainly has 2 types —— Spotlight or Floodlight.
A pair of Spotlights are ideal for bombing down the salt flats or wide open desert. This will provide the best throw of light, providing great visibility. 
A pair of Floodlights are ideal for heavy brush with lots of winding roads. Two floodlights will fill the foreground, giving you great visibility to the sides of the roads.
However, for most drivers, combining a spotlight and a floodlight will provide the best solutions. 
Round Driving Light or Light Bar ?

Advantage of Driving Light :    

1) Customization options to freely choose either spot or flood light (or a combination of both).
2) The option of round driving lights means more flexibility to fit no matter what bumper your 4WD has.
3) Most modern bumpers have ready-to-mount access points for fitting round driving lights.

Advantage of Light Bar :

1) Due to their lower profile, light bars can be mounted on a bumper or roof rack freely
2) A combination light bar means providing good penetration down the road and great peripheral light out to the sides.

What Size Do You Need?

Whether you’re installing a 4×4 light bar or 4×4 spotlights, the size you get will depend on the make and model of your individual vehicle. 
TRE4x4 will provide 7”driving light and 22” light bar, the most popular choice for each vehicle.
Before you buy, be sure to take a close look at size specifications, electrical requirements, and whether or not the lights come with a mount and mounting hardware. If you are unsure of what size you might need, talk to a professional guide .

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