IoT Module Selection Considerations

I don’t think I need to introduce the hot Internet of Things (IoT), which is gradually changing the way we interact with everything around us and subverting the traditional way of interaction. The Internet of Things can connect everything we know, such as vehicles, appliances, traffic, city buildings, monitoring, etc. We often come into contact with them. According to relevant statistics, each of us has at least four devices connected through IoT in our lives. From dead things connected to the world, IoT offers us unlimited imagination, from security monitoring, to smart cities, whether from individuals or to industries, all are closely related to IoT, which is constantly changing in the direction of intelligence.

IoT module is the most important part of any IoT, IoT module is also given to make everything connected. With the continuous high speed development of IoT, there are more and more IoT module manufacturers, and the IoT modules on the market have become uneven, and we often choose IoT modules because of various factors that lead to slow IoT projects and even failures. So we choose IoT module is to be careful, here, Si for wireless share some experience in choosing IoT module, hope it can help you.

1. consider the environmental factors

Environmental factors will affect the physical module transmission distance and transmission rate, in some harsh environmental conditions (such as: more buildings, more metal network), the IoT module will often fail to reach the manufacturer”s give us the distance, so in the case of a harsh environment, we can consider buying anti-interference ability of the IoT module.

2. according to the project to consider the power consumption of the module

According to our years of experience in serving customers, if the IoT module working environment is closed, then please buy ultra-low power consumption module is the most appropriate, otherwise a module working time is only one month, then you have to take out from

Otherwise, a module working time of only one month, then you have to take out from the closed environment, reinstall the battery, which will waste a lot of manpower and material resources.

3. IOT module transmission distance

This is a very important reference factor, if the transmission distance is far from the requirements, it will lead to not receive the signal.


You have to take into account the project budget before choosing the right module, or far beyond the project budget is not a fun thing.

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