Is smart home really smart enough

“Hey, Siri, put on a song to
listen”, Siri came out in 2011, when the voice assistant was just an
additional function to chat, 10 years later, the voice assistant has become the
standard for smart phones, and gradually cover the smart home field, the function
of voice interaction is moving from chat to more practical daily functions .


The charm of intelligence, who can not hide

In recent years, the major appliance brands
are creating the concept of “smart life”, lighting, security, home
appliances and other major smart home manufacturers have launched a number of
intelligent products, greatly improving the convenience and comfort of life.
According to Punch News, the smart home configuration rate in China increased
by 15.1% in 2020 compared with the previous year, reaching 84.2%.


Although China”s current smart home
configuration rate is high, there are mostly small single products, of which
small single products such as smart speakers, smart cameras and smart desk
lamps are the mainstay of the smart home market sales. When it comes to smart
home, many people still have the impression that they let smart speakers play
songs and use cell phone APP to view home monitoring, and these are not
products that really affect the daily life of the whole family.


Many people have not noticed that, in fact,
with the daily life of the water heater has begun to converge with the Internet
of Things, with voice intelligent control to achieve the wish of light mouth
without hands, is not difficult, can rate is a very good example.


Your water heater, can understand speech?


Recently, the seventh census results
released, the data show that the average population of each family household
from 3.10 people in 2010 to 2.62 people, while the total number of family
households also increased. It is an increasingly common way of life for both
single people living alone and young people living apart from their parents
after marriage.


The lower average household size provides
room for smart appliances to flex their muscles. After all, living alone is
about freedom, while housework reduces the value of that freedom. The faster
pace of life also squeezes people”s time and energy for life, and when a young
person returns home from a day”s work without having to worry about chores, the
“freedom value” is truly filled.


One of the most important advantages of
smart home is precisely to make life more convenient and save people”s time.
The rate of the new IOT gas water heater was born under such a background, the
main voice & APP dual control, a command to achieve the basic functions of
the water heater.


Energy rate with three TVC shows their main
“voice” this point, the


Couple: voice switch


The so-called smart home, is just a
password, “say open on”, without walking more than one step, so that
feet and hands are liberated, is smart.


Gymnastics: voice temperature adjustment


Have you ever experienced such a moment,
the bath water temperature is not high enough, the water heater is located in
the kitchen can not be regulated, the rate of IOT water heater “said to
adjust a few degrees, adjust a few degrees”, it can solve this small
trouble, so that life is more convenient and free.



Smart home the wind is blowing more and
more, many people are still worried, home appliance brands will not put the
cart before the horse, the product itself, the worse the function? The core
value of smart home appliances is still home appliances rather than smart, the
original function is the basic value of smart home appliances, a constant
temperature, the ability to quickly heat the water heater, to meet the smart
but can not meet the basic needs, it can only be a “beautiful fool”.
And the rate of intelligent at the same time, apparently also do a full range
of functions.


First of all, the rate of voice
intelligence is really smart enough, not only to achieve the switch to adjust
the temperature, energy-saving mode, child lock mode, is also a command to get
it done (different platforms slightly different, we are subject to the actual
oh). And, the rate of energy equipped with water server, according to the CPU”s
instructions, precision control of incoming and outgoing water, in the case of
multiple family water, morning and evening temperature differences and
temperature changes in the four seasons can also resist interference, precise
control of constant temperature; summer increase in water and winter heat, so
that users enjoy the summer bathing hearty; winter bathing experience warm up
to standard. At the same time equipped with micro-flame technology to ensure
that the water temperature in summer water is not hot.


Under the trend of smart home, water
heaters to the Internet of things is becoming more and more steady pace, and
later more home appliance brands to join this field has been the trend, if you
want to be the first to experience, the rate of energy is a worthy choice!

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