New intelligent era, multi-functional wisdom light pole to help the new smart city construction

Wisdom pole as a new generation of key infrastructure for the construction of new smart city, has received more and more attention, so what is a wisdom pole?

Multi-functional wisdom pole that according to demand on the pole equipped with wisdom lighting, information dissemination, environmental monitoring, soil monitoring, 5G micro base station, monitoring camera, car face recognition and other functional modules.

The equipment of public network, public security, municipal transportation, unmanned vehicles and other industries and departments are reasonably planned in the same pole to realize “one pole for multiple uses” and share the pole resources to form a wisdom sensing network to realize the accurate management of urban public facilities and the utilization of urban resources.

Multi-functional intelligent light pole
Compared with traditional light poles, multi-functional wisdom poles break the single function of traditional light poles and are suitable for more application scenarios, as follows.  

Intelligent pedestrian street road pole

The pole collects information release, traffic flow monitoring, GPS positioning system, 5G micro base station, one key alarm, cell phone charging and other functions to create a smart pedestrian street, evacuate traffic and help pedestrians quickly locate their destinations.

Multi-functional intelligent light pole

Wisdom ocean electronic sentry

It breaks the boundary between the traditional management information of sea area use, fishery breeding, fishing vessel supervision, disaster prevention and mitigation, comprehensive law enforcement, emergency rescue, etc., and initially realizes the visible and detectable near-shore sea area, realizing the “visible, controllable and intelligent” integrated ocean management.

Multi-functional intelligent light pole
Wisdom farm monitoring pole

Intelligent agricultural field monitoring system mainly uses sensor equipment, automatic control equipment, weather stations to monitor and collect field soil moisture, meteorological information, crop growth information in real time, accurately grasp the field crop fertility process and agricultural dynamics, the field crop seedling, moisture, pest and disease, disaster and field crop growth and physiological indicators at each stage of fertility for dynamic monitoring and trend analysis, to improve fine production and The ability of intelligent management in the field.

Multi-functional intelligent light pole
Smart Park Intelligent Management

Through the sensing, collection, sending and receiving of each operating node of the park, the operating efficiency and abnormalities of each equipment and facility will be automatically transmitted to the background, and the development of advanced technology of intelligent analysis and active defense will have a layered deployment strategy for the park with prominent focus; rapid response to fire and security linkage emergencies, improve the quality of park asset operation, realize intelligent fault alarm and operational effectiveness monitoring, and improve the processing fault response speed.

Multi-functional intelligent light pole

There is no doubt that the wisdom pole still into a wider range of life scenarios, the new era of intelligence has arrived. And someday in the future, the virtual world on the screen will eventually become reality.

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