Seven control methods in smart home system

In today”s increasingly popular smart home, smart locks, smart mirrors, smart curtains, smart routes, smart gateways, smart sockets, smart light bulbs and other smart devices are blooming everywhere, quietly entering our lives. However, there are more and more smart products at home, which is the right way to talk about smart home?

1 Traditional Touch Control

For users who are used to the traditional wall switch, it will be very uncomfortable to step directly into the abstract control method, besides, there are inevitably bugs in the control system, so this basic control method is needed at this time. For example, home music, lighting, air, hot water can be directly by touching the smart magic mirror to turn on, off and free adjustment.

2 Infrared sensor control

Through the human infrared to achieve control is nothing new, but this control is quite practical at the time. For example, in the entrance, corridor, balcony, washroom after the installation of human infrared sensor, the light sensor to the signal that automatically open, after the person left automatically extinguished.

The same is true for smart mirrors with built-in infrared sensors, which automatically turn on when they sense someone walking in, and automatically go to sleep when they don”t sense someone within a certain period of time, just like ordinary mirrors.

3 Gesture control

There are already some game consoles, TVs and cameras that can realize gesture recognition in life, and gesture recognition will be widely used in more and more areas.

In the home field, imagine, when we want to understand the indoor air quality in the mirror everyday, just waving your palm at a close distance to the mirror can automatically link the air purifier to automatically switch the environmental monitoring index, but also the voice broadcast, is not super convenient ah!

Many people believe that gesture recognition is the most natural way of interaction, and believe that in the future smart home field, gesture recognition will be an important development direction.

4 Mobile phone control

Cell phone control is a relatively common control method, many people think that cell phone control is false intelligence, but in fact, when you leave home, always carry a cell phone, the use of cell phone control is not a good way to use it properly?

Moreover, we can also achieve management through other daily applications such as WeChat, this cross-space control gives us a lot of convenience.

5 cross-screen control

Cell phone control is sometimes unreliable, such as the phone is lost? No battery? This time we need cross-screen control to help us!

For example, when we return home, we may not always play with the phone, and watch TV, play computer, watch, look in the mirror, can receive the home smart device security alerts, but also through these terminals to check the status of other devices.

6 Centralized Scene Control

With more and more smart devices on the market, we want to make it easier to use and work together between different devices, so we can achieve one-click control of the smart home by customizing the scene mode on a “platform-level” smart device. The smart magic mirror is a “platform-level” smart device that can control lights, music, air, hot water, and access control centrally on the mirror by linking other devices in the home.

When you go home, just touch the “home” button, the lights and appliances will be turned on automatically; when you go out, touch the “out” button, the home appliances will be turned off; you can also customize the “dining mode”, “meeting mode”, “entertainment mode” and other scenes.

7 Voice Control

Voice control smart home mainly has two forms: direct voice and indirect voice. Direct voice is to say the corresponding voice command to the specific home appliance, while indirect voice is to control other home devices (smart phone, smart speaker, etc.) by voice control through smart control devices.

There are many smart devices in the market, such as smart mirrors, robots, smart speakers, etc. Just say your request, the device will make the corresponding instructions to manage the smart devices at home.

8 Conclusion

Nowadays, more and more intelligent home equipment, from the solution to dress, dress, laundry, cooking, bathing, health, fire, burglary …… such trivial things in life, is subtly into our lives.

Now we may have gradually forgotten the way of life before the emergence of smart phones, and in the future will gradually forget the life that has not yet entered the smart home. One day, we will be like in science fiction movies, with smart butlers taking care of our lives.

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