Smart home next one requires which problem

Routers, mobile phones, TV, speakers, door locks in smart home entrance. Amazon M & A Internet Router startup enterprise EERO, which makes Wi-Fi routing again to the public vision, with Google and Amazon”s strategic layout gradually clear, Wi-Fi routing will become the next wind behind the relay box?

Smart home next one requires which problem

Smart home is a trillion blue sea market, “IDC China Smart Home Equipment Market Quarter Track Report” shows that China”s smart home market will reach 357.6 billion yuan in 2020, while the global intelligent home market will reach more than 50 billion in 2021 .

Therefore, in China”s smart home, this hot earth is lively. Once successive in the major enterprises, there are only more than ten years of industry “veterans” in recent years, and have emerged in recent years. Haier, the United States, Gree, Ali, Jingdong, Huawei, Xiaomi … All the giants familiar with the masses have tried the field of smart home.

But in the current view, this industry has not yet gains like mobile Internet and smartphones, and flying into the usual people”s home is still facing many challenges.

Why didn”t you become a mainstream? First of all, the concept is still more than actual. In the concept of “intelligent”, it has repeatedly emphasized that more and more smart products, and there is an intelligent home market. The pseudo-smart product is endless, easy to connect the equipment network, remote control, WiFi connection, instead of remote controls with smartphones, etc., there is no truly consumer recognition.

In addition, consumers are expected to be considered safely. The Xinhua News Agency has issued a document that some smart home has long been in the surveillance of others, “black into” smart home equipment, selling personal privacy, even “industries.” In addition, smart sense, interaction, self-learning smart household goods are generally more expensive, which directly affects consumers” purchase options.

Entrance anxiety is still, Wi-Fi routing or heavy-old stage choose how hardware becomes a smart home entrance? This has become a common problem in the industry. In several years, routers, mobile phones, TV, speakers, door locks. Recently, Amazon M & A Internet Router start-up enterprise EERO, which makes Wi-Fi routing again to the public vision, with Google and Amazon”s strategic layout gradually clear, Wi-Fi routing will become the next wind after the repayer ? The answer is probably “meeting”.

According to statistics, there are currently more than 90% of the smart home product types are configured with Wi-Fi Network Communication Modules. For example, the Wi-Fi communication module is configured as a television, air conditioning, air purifier, box, flat panel, surveillance camera, and network alarm, etc., the Wi-Fi communication module is configured as a networking method for controlling multimedia content transmission and smart home data.

At the same time, the router maintains the longest power-up time in all control devices, as long as it is still using mobile phones, tablets, etc., rarely take the initiative to turn off the router. Therefore, the Chinese giants are also the core advantage of re-examining the router.

Trend: Single point breaks from the scene to the scene, the comprehensive upgrade of the company is more intensified around the smart home industry, and the key to the industrial upgrading, the key to enterprises is to achieve smart home scenarios. Only inter-equipment interconnection and data exchange can only be played Its value, the lavel experience of the wisdom scene must be a major trend in the future of smart home.

In many indigenous eyes, China”s smart home market has gradually presented a comprehensive upgrade of a single-point breakthrough to the scene. For example, Ali opened the “future hotel” opened last year. This hotel does not require any service personnel, no front desk, no supervisor, and even the cleansing is not, all the affairs will be handed over to artificial intelligence. After entering the hotel, you can complete the cumbersome procedures of the ordinary hotel by brushing, then take you to the designated room, while the electrical appliances in the room are smart equipment, do not need to operate, these equipment will be based on consumption One fell swimming to adjust.

Intelligent home emphasizes that this intelligent system scene, the interaction between users and scenes, this interaction is not limited to single scene, more of the scene and scenery between scenes. Because of its many concepts such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, consumption upgrades, the capital market will still maintain a high enthusiasm for smart home. Wang Wenlong, chief analyst of the Pacific Securities Computer Industry, analyzed the performance of the people”s smart sector in 2019. This is a larger incident in 2018. The downstream has begun to put the volume, and the smart home is one of the directions of the focus.

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