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Care for family life – a caring video

The accelerated pace of life makes young people tired of work, ignoring the family around them, and even thousands of miles away from home to work, more and more elderly people are in a state of “living alone”, lack of care and attention.

With the development of technology such as video call, the above situation has been improved, through the phone, not only can hear the voice, but also see the family. Even if they don”t say a word and silently watch their children work through the video, parents will be satisfied. With the development of mobile Internet, perhaps in the future, through smart mobile terminals and smart hardware at home, it will be possible to give personal care to family members as if they were with their relatives.

For example, the Chinese Internet company LeTV has been trying to use the mobile Internet of Things to realize the connection between products for a long time. On top of the traditional LeTV large-screen TV, LeTV also started to layout in the field of intelligent hardware, among which, the parent-child intelligent hardware product “Le Xiaobao” is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of LeTV”s entry into the field of mobile Internet.

Le Xiao Bao has a built-in microphone and has developed a corresponding intercom function on the cell phone. Parents can use their cell phones to talk to their children by pressing and holding the voice button on the Loxiao Bao to communicate with their parents. Through the built-in low-light projector in the mobile APP, it can help users tell stories to their children. With the rich content of LeTV”s parent-child channel, it provides users with 160,000 children”s videos covering education, adventure, fairy tales and pets, with a total of 2.4 million minutes.

Smart hardware in the parent-child area can provide a better service for interaction between parents and children and make the communication between them more interesting. The role of smart hardware should be to help parents promote the physical and psychological development and healthy growth of their children, and increase the emotional connection between parents and children, which are all things that developers of mobile Internet need to consider.

Improvement of environmental pollution – Air purification

The “haze” has become one of the most widely publicized events in China, and the poor environment is seriously affecting our health. Prolonged exposure to polluted indoor environments can do more harm than good to our bodies. We can”t change the environment at once, but we have full control over our own home, and through smart living products, we can improve our “acreage”.

There are many pollutants in the air that are difficult to perceive with the naked eye, but we can rely on smart devices to monitor the indoor environment, not only to lock the source of pollutants, but also to effectively improve air quality by intelligently adjusting humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, and oxygen concentration, so that we are always in the most suitable home environment.

Smart air purifier investment case after case, in addition to Xiaomi involved in the field of air purifier, Internet companies in the mobile animal network model of innovation has never stopped. For example, the weather app company, Ink Weather, has launched a smart hardware called “Air Fruit”, which can be described as a small personal weather station that can measure atmospheric and air data.

By linking it to the Inklog Weather App, users can monitor the health level of the room in which the “Airgo” is located with a single click on their cell phones, obtaining values for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO) concentration, PM2.5 concentration, and more. By comparing the data from the “air fruit” with the outdoor data from the weather, the health level is obtained.

The AirGo has the same connectivity features as a typical mobile Internet product, so you can connect to your phone”s Inkmark Weather app via WiFi to get a real-time view of your indoor health level. Even when you are on the go, you can always know the quality of your family”s air environment.
In the context of the mobile Internet of Things, intelligent air purifiers are becoming an immediate need (an immediate need that must be addressed now.) The product has the opportunity to become a breakthrough in smart living. Of course, air detection and purification also need to form a virtuous cycle from environmental monitoring, data collection to air purification through big data, and at a reasonable price for the majority of consumers to accept.

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